When you think of an M-badged BMW, one of the first things that comes to mind is performance.  The “M” division, which stands for Motorsport, was originally created to support BMW’s racing division.  But with the increase in demand for high performance cars, BMW began implementing cues from their racing division into production cars and adorned these vehicles with the prestigious “M” badge.  With engines, transmissions, suspension, aero, and interior that were geared towards motorsports, these M-badged cars represent the latest and greatest in performance and technology BMW has to offer.

Being BMW enthusiasts ourselves, our goal is provide an aftermarket wheel that adds to the looks and performance of an “M” car.  With more and more “M” car owners equipping their cars with VMR wheels, it speaks in numbers how trusted our wheels are within the community.  Below are a few of our favorites that have been upgraded with the VMR touch.

F82 M4 – Matte Gunmetal V706

F82 M4 – Matte Hyper Silver V810

F80 M3 – Matte Hyper Silver V702

F80 M3 – Gunmetal V810

F10 M5 – Gunmetal V710

F10 M5 – Gloss Black V710

E92 M3 – Gunmetal V710

E92 M3 – Hyper Silver V701

E90 M3 – Gunmetal V703

E90 M3 – Matte Dark Blue V721

E82 1M – Gunmetal V810

E86 Z4M – Gunmetal V703

E46 M3 – Hyper Silver V810

E46 M3 – Hyper Silver V701

E46 M3 – Gunmetal V705

E36 M3 – Super Silver V703

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