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We’ve taken the age old concept of the split-spoke wheel and re-imagined it with flow formed construction and a forward thinking design that evokes both the finesse of a high end luxury product and the sporty image of a traditional mesh wheel. Scrutinized, tweaked, and perfected to fit our design goals, we made sure every bend and facet served a purpose: no detail has been left unchecked in making the ultimate meld of form and function.

The result is our V801, a wheel that surpasses the status quo in every single way.

We start off with its elegant and delicate architecture, consisting of multiple fine spokes that rise over the edge of its undercut lip. This perfectly symmetrical pattern makes up the design of the V801’s face, filling the negative space with the crisp shapes of diamonds and daggers. A gentle concave section graces the center, surrounded by a unique set of diamond and teardrop facets to recess the mounting hardware and hide them in plain sight.

We’ve milled each spoke face flat to the centerline, with a prominent edge terminating them before the concave center. This allows the wheel face to catch a distinct contrast of highlights and shadows all at once, giving the V801 an unparalleled level of visual dynamism.

We then take it one step further with 4 high quality factory finishes to fit your style, each highlighting the intricacies and impact of the V801. 2 standard coatings, Hyper Silver and Anthracite Metallic, and 2 multistage coatings to really punch up the dynamism of the V801, Mercury Black Metallic and Titanium Black Shadow.

The Hyper Silver and Anthracite Metallic coats the V801 in a glossy metallic finish, with Hyper Silver being bright and lustrous and Anthracite Metallic a deep gunmetal.

The Mercury Black Metallic mirror polishes and seals the wheel face with a translucent gloss finish. To really get the face to pop, a glossy Mercury Black accent finish coats the windows of the wheel. This finish showcases the best of the V801, taking the reflective spokes and making them distinct from the rest of the wheel.

The Titanium Black Shadow features a dark glossy tint over its mirror polished face with the windows finished in a smooth glossy Piano Black. This adds a new dimension to the dynamism of the V801, bringing the appearance from a fully gloss black wheel to one with a lustrous polished face depending on the angle of light.

By holding the design to such a timeless standard, we’ve set out to create a wheel that withstands every test of time. With state-of-the-art Flow-Forming construction, the V801 will do just that; forged from intense heat and high-pressure rollers, the result is a wheel that is stronger and weighs less.

Simply put, there isn’t another wheel held to a higher degree of workmanship than ours. From the deep luster of the finish to the precision milled faces, you’ll find painstaking attention to detail in every square inch.

Best of all, VMR Wheels just FIT. No numbers, no guessing; letting your personality shine through your ride has never been easier.

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